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Top 3 Tips to Installing Sanity into the Home Remodeling Process

For My Black City June 2022 

In this current housing market, remodeling can give you the space of your dreams for a fraction of the cost of buying! How should you get started?

  • Design & Plan with the End in Mind: The act of remodeling can be ‘contagious’ to your surrounding areas. “Wait! This baseboard runs into that room! This flooring continues through the halls! I eventually want an island, but I only want to do my flooring now! “  We highly recommend sitting down and planning out your ENTIRE desired scope of work before raising a single hammer! Even though you may intend to start with certain areas and projects now, the final cohesive look should be considered from day one even when looking at a 5 year game plan in your home. This avoids costly redo’s, rip outs and mistakes in design planning. Construction is a very sequential and foundational process that has a myriad of ‘domino’ effects should one little aspect be off or back tracked.  We often get brought into a situation where there are holes and costly  issues to fix that could have been avoided.

  • Decide Your Game Plan Strategy: Which kind of remodeler are you?  

    • The DIY Game Plan: Are you handy, know how to absorb a YouTube video tutorial and want to do their own remodel? We highly recommend sitting with a company like Kingdom to strategize your material orders & deliveries for a streamline experience. We offer DIY packages to help with all the needed installation materials, delivery, without all the trips to the store every day. Supply chain issues, online orders being unreliable, and big box stores having difficulty with stock- we know delays in your project cost you time and peace. Get your professional design done all up front for an HD TV like hit! 

    • Parts & Pieces Game Plan: Can you do your own demo, and your brother in law can do your plumbing or electric? Does your friend sell cabinets? Maybe you just need help with aspects of your remodel. Lean on a dependable company like Kingdom to help you plan out your design and fill in the gaps where needed. Whether you just need cabinetry, countertops, flooring or labor- this plan requires you to have a VERY organized spreadsheet to keep everyone’s role organized and on track. You are essentially your own project manager with the help of professionals. Make sure you are well researched in timelines, construction flow and protocols for the proper scheduling and timing of all those involved! 

    • All in ONE Game Plan:  Do you really just want ONE company to guide you through the entire process, start to finish? Getting your design out of your dreams and onto a concrete plan all the way to the implementation of all you desired,  is where the guidance is key.  This cohesive communication through ONE company, like Kingdom,  can help create quick and efficient timelines. You can get the job complete just in time for you to show off your best idea to all your friends and family. The benefit of working through one company to handle all your materials, labor and professional trades- alleviates the need to be a construction expert or your own project manager as a side full time job. Some think this is an ‘expensive’ option however we have found mistakes, backtracking & daily meltdowns are even more expensive.  

  • Shine Through Your Remodel: Remodeling doesn’t happen in 48 hours like on t.v. It’s definitely a marathon that requires your attention, patience and realistic expectations. Be up front about the things you know and the things you need help on.  Make sure your remodel includes a little bit of YOU! Whether that be an ode to your heritage, your favorite color or textile or just something that everyone knows is your unique signature. We all have our own little bit of shine and don’t let any ‘professional’ box you into doing something ‘on trend’ - but goes against your spirit and essence. Shine bright in the way that only you can,  in your own ‘Kingdom’! 

Gideon Osei is the Owner & CEO of Kingdom Countertops & Cabinetry in Highlands Ranch with his wife Vanessa. He has been an industry leader for over 18 years. He works with his amazing team of designers & installers for all your remodeling needs in a one stop shop environment, to save you time & stress by installing sanity back into the home remodeling process. He is an immigrant from Sunyani Ghana,  father of three kids, has had 24 foster youth, slays at Ping Pong and is a Deacon in his local church. He loves helping customers realize their dream design & guiding them through the process to encourage them, they had it in them all along!

Kingdom Countertops & Cabinetry is located just behind the bowling alley next to Max Taps on University & County Line.

They are open M-Sat 10am-6pm 

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2680 E. County Line Rd.
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Kingdom Countertops & Cabinetry
2680 E. County Line Rd Unit F
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126



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